Rhys McKenna



Hi, I’m Rhys, a designer from Scotland, driven by experiences, fueled by enthusiasm, guided by integrity and acting with rigour. I identify as a Synthesist: from conceptual brand building to data-led technical design I believe innovation comes from prolificacy and versatility. Kat Holmes, Neri Oxman, Eduardo Paolozzi, Tom Sachs and Carlo Rovelli are my professional and academic role models.

I completed my formal studies in fashion at Edinburgh University where I achieved my BA Honours (1st Class) and MFA (distinction) degrees. I currently work for adidas Terrex (outdoor). My current focus is design of garment system concepts bridging credible sport performance, sustainable materialisation, digital creation and Terrex identity. Prior to this I trained in innovation design for adidas Future (apparel), and first entered adidas designing ski tour, hike and climb technical apparel for Terrex.

I have worked internationally across multiple categories which has allowed me to establish a multifaceted skillset alongside solid design experience. Each role has enabled me to both act with responsibility and agency whilst become well versed in industry processes. My design experiences include Burberry, Stella McCartney, Johnstons of Elgin and H&M amongst others. My diversity has also seen me execute a range of international design-led projects with various brands and institutions including the V&A, Apple, Calik Denim, Domus and Donghau University.

I have a strategic, prolific, versatile and broad design sensibility; my approach and interests synthesise a multitude of practices and reflect the drive and passion I have for innovation and progressive design. I am also well versed at working extensively within both studio teams and corporate organisations both of which I thrive within. Learning is a constant and my current personal areas of study are; the innovative approaches of Neri Oxman, learning Italian (since 2020), and cellular biology. Determined curiosity, open-mindedness, enthusiasm, integrity, approachability, and a dedicated hard work ethic are my most valued personal qualities.


  1. Watneyesque
  2. Justice, Equity, Mismatches
  3. Crash Bandicoot
  4. The Unlimited Dream Company
  5. Reality is not what it seems 
  6. Whole-body learning 
  7. Design physicality 
  8. Sculpture, Space 
  9. Ecosystems
  10. Hope Flares
  11. Depth and pace 
  12. Enthusiasm as currency
  13. Synthesis 
  14. Invisible bridges
  15. Brain on paper
  16. Draw on everything
  17. Sympathetic Magic 
  18. Pluralism
  19. Ad Astra